Convince Your Boss

Need Some Help?

You're eager to seize the opportunity to attend the ATD Intensive: AI in Learning & Development, and we wholeheartedly share in that enthusiasm. Now, it's about articulating the tangible benefits to your manager, who understandably prioritizes the return on investment for every resource allocated.

Convincing your manager requires highlighting the unique value proposition of this event. The ATD Intensive isn't just another conference; it's a strategic investment in your professional growth and our organization's future success.

Download our Manager Letter template to effectively communicate why the ATD Intensive: AI in Learning & Development stands out as one of the most cost-effective and valuable opportunities available. Customize this letter to showcase how this intensive program aligns with our goals and how the insights gained will directly impact our bottom line.

By emphasizing the unparalleled access to leading experts, the hands-on learning experiences, and the robust networking opportunities, you'll illustrate how this investment transcends mere attendance—it's an investment in actionable knowledge that will propel our team and organization forward.