Discover ATD Intensive

ATD Intensive is the ultimate game-changer for all you learning and development pros out there. Get ready to level up your training game, by unlocking innovative techniques, and learn from the masters of the industry.

At ATD Intensive, you’ll:

  • Work with your peers on your real-life programs.
  • Get immediate feedback and support.
  • Hear from industry experts.
  • Be incentivized, motivated, and held accountable along the way.
  • Get access to customized tools and hand-picked recorded sessions from other conferences.
  • Walk away with an Execution Playbook—your road map for success.

Deep Dive Days

There’s something magical about being able to connect, discuss ideas, get motivated, and ask your questions in real time.

Our cohort-based learning format gives you the space to brainstorm, collaborate, get feedback, and spend time learning and connecting in small groups.

We encourage participants to continue working together outside of session hours to maximize the value of this unique program.

At ATD Intensive you aren’t a passive learner—you are an active participant.

Expert Perspectives

Get ready to have your mind blown by the all-star lineup we've assembled for you at ATD Intensive! We've handpicked the crème de la crème of training gurus, the ultimate masters who have cracked the code of success. They're here to share their wisdom and secrets with you, so prepare to be in awe of the incredible knowledge. These are the true experts of the training world, and they're ready to unleash their expertise and empower you to take your skills to new heights.

Asynchronous Learning

Take control of your learning pace. Schedule learning time and explore our on-demand library, featuring the highest rated and most watched content from past ATD conferences.

All our content is designed to be completely hands-on to help you get the best possible results in the least amount of time and includes practical guidance for revamping every element of your programs.


Celebrate your progress by earning rewards for your accomplishments. You’ll get to select your virtual tool, update your first set of slides and visuals, incorporate an accessibility tool, and so much more. It’s just a fun little way to remember that you’re making big progress, and it works! We can’t wait to see you crushing your goals faster than ever!

Execution Tools

Ideas are great but putting them into practice is gold.

We guarantee you’ll walk away from ATD Intensive with a guide to customize your action plan, the highest quality education available, and the right tools to apply what you learn to your work.

Your Execution Playbook is designed to keep you laser-focused and on track so you can get things done and progress toward your goals!