Discover ATD Intensive

ATD Intensive provides a laser-focused environment for talent development professionals to develop practical, real-world skills in a critical area of need in the field. This year, we’re focused on designing accessible learning experiences for everyone. Join this virtual experience to learn from design experts and connect with like-minded peers while leveling up your design process and training programs with intentional inclusive practices that remove barriers and ensure anyone and everyone can learn, regardless of their ability.

During this year’s ATD Intensive, you will:

  • Learn how to integrate accessibility and inclusion into your instructional design and facilitation practices.
  • Determine your “why” for making learning experiences accessible.
  • Develop skills and strategies to address barriers to learning.
  • Apply the WCAG standards to learning content.
  • Practice accessible design for both asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences.
  • Assess and troubleshoot design challenges with peer and facilitator support.
  • Identify strategies to gain stakeholder support.
  • Embrace your role as an advocate and changemaker for accessibility.

Who is ATD Intensive for?

  • Instructional Designers who design and develop virtual, in-person instructor-led training and e-learning programs.
  • Facilitators/ Trainers who deliver in-person and/or virtual instructor-led training.
  • Training Managers, Consultants, or L&D professionals tasked to improve the accessibility, inclusion, or effectiveness of training programs or L&D offerings.
  • Talent Development Specialists, focusing on accessibility as part of their inclusion initiatives.

Deep Dive Days

ATD Intensive takes a deep dive into an area of critical need for talent development. Whether you are creating digital content, delivering live virtual training, or facilitating in physical classrooms – all learners should be able to access the learning experience. You will develop the skills and know-how necessary for designing accessible learning.

Change the way you think about inclusive learning design and go beyond accessibility standards as each deep dive day explores learning disabilities, how assistive technologies work, and various strategies to meet learners where they are. We’ll address misconceptions and why accessibility benefits everyone.

Our cohort-based learning format gives you the space to brainstorm, collaborate, get feedback, and spend time learning and connecting in small groups.

We encourage participants to continue working together outside of session hours to maximize the value of this unique program.

At ATD Intensive you aren’t a passive learner—you are an active participant.

Expert Perspectives

Get ready to have your mind blown by the all-star lineup we've assembled for you at ATD Intensive! We've handpicked the crème de la crème of accessibility design pros, the ultimate masters who have cracked the code of success. They're here to share their wisdom and secrets with you, so prepare to be in awe of the incredible knowledge. These are the true experts of accessibility and universal design here to unleash their expertise and empower you to take your skills to new heights.

Content Design

ATD Intensive is designed to be an interactive experience where you’ll get the best possible results in the least amount of time and includes practical guidance for revamping every element of your programs for accessible learning.

Expect an interactive experience, where you will:

  • Get immediate practice, facilitator feedback, and space for peer support and reflection.
  • Customize your plan to achieve your goals with an execution playbook —your road map for success.
  • Go even further with on-demand videos and curated resources for different learning modalities and content authoring tools.


Celebrate your progress by earning rewards for your accomplishments. You’ll get to practice writing alt text descriptions, audit the color contrast of real designs, enhance the accessibility of your audio and video assets, and so much more. It’s just a fun little way to remember that you’re making big progress, and it works! We can’t wait to see you crushing your goals faster than ever!

Execution Tools

Ideas are great but putting them into practice is gold.

We guarantee you’ll walk away from ATD Intensive with a guide to customize your action plan, the highest quality education available, and the right tools to apply what you learn to your work.